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So a little elaboration and some nailing down of #50daystofit for me. This is what the Fit Writer has said:… Continue reading »


And the sun came out…

(I actually wrote this yesterday evening and then my internet did a funny and I couldn’t post it. Today –… Continue reading »


What’s new pussycat?

I am still here, and I’m still training hitting new log press and axle c&p PRs and I have a… Continue reading »



So I thought once son(5) was at school again and daughter (2.75) was at pre-school I would have all this… Continue reading »


Random things.

I didn’t want to go to the gym today and once there I didn’t feel inspired but sitting here now… Continue reading »


Kettlebell Qualified!

  Today was fun as I spent it learning how to teach kettlebell exercises. I love kettlebells, such a versatile… Continue reading »


The Final Countdown

Argh 5 days to go. Life has been BUSY lately in all types of good ways but sorry I have been… Continue reading »


Take up space.

Some of you may know, some of you may not, that it was announced earlier in the year in the… Continue reading »


Apologies for raising your blood pressure in advance..

Todays session was Banded Deadlifts 8x3x60kg Axle Cleans 1x6x30, 4x6x35kg, 1x6x37.5kg Sled Drags  4x50mx70kg  2x50mx80kg My legs felt like jelly… Continue reading »



You know what I fear? The dreaded “AMRAP in 60 seconds” phrase. It strikes terror into my heart and muscles… Continue reading »