And the sun came out…

(I actually wrote this yesterday evening and then my internet did a funny and I couldn’t post it. Today – not so much sun :( )

Oh boy, I don’t know about anyone else but when the sun comes out my whole life seems different. I love the sun, I love being outside, I love making my children be outside. OUTSIDE IS WHERE IT’S AT.

It was a lovely weekend that started with some competitive event training on Saturday. A fellow Strongwoman from the gym is doing her first competition on the 16th March and she wanted to get a baseline number of reps for the competition events. Here’s how I did

  • AMRAP 100kg axle deadlift 60 seconds – 5
  • AMRAP Floor to overhead press, 40kg oly bar 60 seconds -10
  • AMRAP Atlas Stone 40kg floor to shoulder – 7
  • 5kg Crucifix hold – 38 seconds

The 5th rep of the deadlift was UGLY but it went up, I am looking forward to smashing those results in a few months. Recording progressive is always motivating. My children were also there and I liked the fact that on International Women’s Day my daughter (and son) watched me get sweaty whilst lifting heavy weights.

Sunday was all about being outside. We played crazy golf, went for 2 walks (or scoots if you were under 3ft) and gambolled¬†on the beach. ¬†(Yes I just used gambol, that’s because gambolling is awesome, much more fun than walking)

Funny faces in the sun

Funny faces in the sun

Leaving you with 2 great blog posts to read on a Monday evening

Feminism is optimism

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Did you make the most of the sunshine this weekend? (How’s that for a guilt inducing question?)



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