So you want to start doing Strongwoman?

ok disclaimer. I haven’t been to all these gyms and I haven’t been on all these courses. None of the following are recommendations they are just suggestions. Before you start an exercise programme please consult with your GP to make sure they are happy.

Best piece of advice is to go join the following Facebook pages.

Firstly Strongwoman Events Page

A collaborative place for strong women to share information on upcoming events and training. If you want to know if there is a gym near you that does strongwoman training or if there is a comp coming up this is the place to go and ask.

Second Woman’s Strength Training Network

Support, advice, discussion and friendship for women who are strength training. Whether you lift heavy things, throw things, hit things, move your bodyweight or otherwise pit yourself against heavy resistance, it can be lonely out there. So let’s help each other out, get more women involved in strength training and raise expectations for female strength. Men who share our aspirations are very welcome too.

Both these groups are friendly, inviting and LOVE answering questions (seriously once you get the weight bug it’s ALL you are going to want to talk about)

Strongwoman gyms

Some of the gyms I know that have Strongwoman equipment and do Strongwoman classes.

Bridge Road Barbell Camberley, Hampshire

Progressive Training Systems Northampton,

Uniq Physique Haslemere, Surrey

New Spartan Gym, Watford

Winning Health Solutions, Southampton

Elite Body Works, Basingstoke

Strongwoman Courses

StrongWoman Training Days in London with Sally Moss of Strength Ambassadors


If you know of any other gyms/courses out there that do Strongwoman then please leave a comment or tweet me and I’ll update the page.

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