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Bit of a bitty post this morning.

Firstly I wanted to draw attention to this blog post Adding not taking away  written by @mrsb_ldn who is a runner. It’s such a great idea, accentuate the positive. You are adding good things to your life, not, necessarily taking bad things away.  I think mentally this method is much more likely to work.

In January I did take something bad away, I gave up drinking. It was my husbands idea, let’s do dry January he said, ok I said. By the end of January I was converted and he was gasping for a beer.

I can’t believe the difference it has made in the way I feel. I would never class myself as a heavy drinker, I had one small glass of white wine a night which would stretch to 2 glasses on a Friday or a Saturday. I know I have low tolerance to booze anyway (anymore than 3 glasses of wine would give me a hangover).

Love my sleep...

Love my sleep…

This is what I found when I gave up wine. I slept better. I love my sleep. Love it. I need 8 hours not to be cranky. 8 hours uninterrupted with a 3yr old, 5yr old and my bladder the size of a goldfish doesn’t happen very often. Since giving up booze I sleep better when I do sleep and I’m not as tired the next day even if I am woken half a dozen times, even if I go to bed later than my usual 10pm. I can’t quite describe the difference this has made to my life.

Alcohol tends to have a depressive effect on me. Not at the time but the next day if I have had one too many (i.e. 3 glasses) then I tend to feel tired, depressed and withdrawn. Problems seem bigger, annoying children seem even more annoying.  So I’m not missing that at all.

There are many jokes and memes about 6/7pm, and when the kids are in bed over drinking alcohol and having 1 glass a night feels the norm. Of course you also get the articles telling us that wine can be good for you (I don’t drink red). However I am also lucky as a 38 year old if I want to say no thanks to a glass of wine I might get a raised eyebrow but I don’t get peer pressured into having just the one. I don’t get called a party pooper. I do get called designated driver.

Despite not being a heavy drinker (most weeks I wouldn’t have gone above the recommended weekly safe limit) alcohol was impacting my life, how I viewed my life.  I’ve not totally foresaken booze, I’ve drunk maybe 5 times since end of Jan. Mostly half glass of wine before thinking why am I doing this? and switching to grapefruit squash (yeah there are not a lot of adult sounding alternatives to booze). Right now I don’t see a point where I will go back to regular consumption (unless I win the lottery and can afford to drink champagne for breakfast, then all bets are off).

This blog post didn’t go anywhere near what I was going to cover today, I was going to start talking about positivity in your life and a mantra I heard this weekend that I really liked. Oh well, that’s what blogs are for :)

Do you drink?

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  1. Gingerzingi March 26, 2014 at 9:54 am Reply

    I quit drinking for the Whole30, and it was a dramatic change. Everything you mention here, especially sleeping better. And it’s very true about the depression, also.

    We had drinks after the 30 days were up, and it wasn’t nearly as fun as I thought it would be. I was relieved to go back to my teetotaling ways :-) My plan for the future is to save drinking for special occasions, and when I feel like I can afford to feel awful the next day.

    I’m probably not as much of a lightweight as you, but I do find that even one drink affects my sleep, my mood, my energy. For some people that one glass of wine in the evening works great; for me not so much.

    Not to mention the money we saved for that month… alcohol is expensive!

    • Helen March 31, 2014 at 8:12 am Reply

      Yes I am a lightweight. I agree about saving it for special occasions, I am not saying I am NEVER drinking again cos realistically that is not going to happen (i.e. I did have some booze this weekend as we went out and it was Mother’s Day!). Yes a more practical reason for not drinking is it’s expensive. Couple of bottles of wine a weeks adds up.

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