I discovered how to keep lettuce crispy…

I really wanted to get a blog post in today but I also really want to be in bed by 9 so it’s gonna be short and sweet.

A great blog post about exercise from the ever amazing Erin Brown

The surprising way exercise changes you

I agree with all of these. I am struggling with number 1 at the moment, I feel that despite my back problem I should have persevered with the gym, at the moment it very much feels that the first time I hit an obstacle I threw the towel in completely and 6 months later I am soft and sedentary and cursing myself again for it.

I am continually cussing at lettuce which is crisp and fresh one day and slimy and wet the next but thanks to the amazing internet this will happen no more

A recipe for keeping lettuce fresh and crispy

My FIFTH goal forĀ #50daystofit is going to write 3 goals in the morning and 3 thanks at night. I liked the idea of Morning Pages suggested by The Fit Writer in the comments and am putting on my list of things I would like to try but want something faster when I wake up (alarm goes off at 6:30am as it is).

Hope everyone had a fun weekend.

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