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Life is busy. We are moving. I’m trying to get a (more secure) job. I’m training but wimping out of competing (I am loving going to watch however). As the summer is coming near I am getting more and more wound up by the “Get a SUMMER BODY!” and “Bikini body IN JUST 6 WEEKS” which appear to be everywhere at the moment.

I know posting training vids isn’t quite as exciting as my beautifully written prose but it fills a hole and also HOW AWESOME AND BADASS DOES TYRE FLIPPING LOOK?

I had the pleasure and privilege to watch theĀ England’s strong women championship Qualifier London and Northern counties competition yesterday here were the events

Event 1 : Log press
U63 : 35kg
U75 : 45kg
O : 55kg

Event 2 : Deadlift
U63 : 100kg
U75 : 110kg
O : 120kg

Event 3 : arm over arm and drag back
U63 : 50kg
U75 : 60kg
O : 70kg

Event 4 : farmers walk 15m drop 15m
U63 : 50kg
U75 ; 60kg
O : 70kg

Event 5: medley
4 objects loaded onto platform
Items to be confirmed
U63 : 20kg – 40kg
U75 : 30kg – 50kg
O : 40kg – 60kg

and here are the awesome women who participated.


Awesome Strongwoman

Awesome Strongwoman

If it’s something that you think you would like a go at head over to my Comp page and see if there is anything near you, the South is awash with competitions this year, catering to all sorts of levels and it’s definitely a more the merrier atmosphere with a supportive and friendly bunch of girls.

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