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Tyre flipping fun in the sun….

This weekend was great. It involved tyres, cake, curry, beach, family, presents and a Mother’s Day card from my youngest… Continue reading »


this wasn’t what I was going to talk about but hey-ho

Bit of a bitty post this morning. Firstly I wanted to draw attention to this blog post Adding not taking… Continue reading »


To make-up or no make-up, that is the question.

Today’s post has nothing to do with exercise and everything to do with wearing no makeup and the #nomakeupselfies that… Continue reading »


Running. Sometimes.

As you probably know I advocate doing exercise you enjoy, you are much more likely to stick with it that… Continue reading »


Why I won’t be talking about weight loss.

So I’ve made the decision to try and drop 5/6 kgs so I can compete in the U75kgs. However I… Continue reading »


And the sun came out…

(I actually wrote this yesterday evening and then my internet did a funny and I couldn’t post it. Today –… Continue reading »


Do what you love…..

  I don’t know where this is from originally, I’m guessing from someone else’s blog so if you recognise it… Continue reading »



  I read this great post over at Green Mountain at Fox Run the other day about creating your own… Continue reading »


Back to life, back to reality.

Yeah I’ve had a hiatus. I lost my mojo, I bumbled, faffed and coasted throughout January and February. I cursed… Continue reading »


Hello 2014, come and have a go if you think you are hard enough.

Morning. 2013 rocked and I was awesome. That’s not to say it didn’t have it’s low points and sometimes I… Continue reading »