Life is busy, I’ve got a new job, we are trying to sell our house and find a new one, we need to find a new school and pre-school for the kids in September. Life is busy. However sadly I can’t add the gym into the busy list at the moment. I am having problems with my back, standing, sitting or walking for long periods of time leave me wanting to find a dark corner to cry in with my lower back seized up and shooting pains down both legs. It’s been developing for a few months now but it’s only in the last few weeks that it’s impacting my day to day life. I am going to get a GP appointment this week in the hope that they maybe able to refer me to someone who knows what may be going on. The last month or so I’ve been grinning and saying “well it hurts if I train and it hurts if I don’t, so I might as well train” but actually that’s just stupid. Definitely until I see the Dr I will be swimming only, as you can imagine that decision makes me want to cry as well.

If you read the Rebecca Holman wrote in the Telegraph about how she hates exercising and the cost and wanted to scream then this is the blog post for you  Warning: this post is about women and fitness but it includes swearing .  As you can imagine my take on it is start exercising for yourself, use your old t-shirts to exercise in  and find your nearest Sports Direct.

Hope you are all well out there.


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  1. Gingerzingi May 12, 2014 at 12:54 pm Reply

    Yet another person who extrapolates her individual attitudes as being applicable to ALL women…

    Hope your back heals soon! I wonder if you have the same issue Hrodebert did. Your symptoms sound identical. The doctor gave him some strong analgesics and an oral steroid to break the cycle.

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