I discovered how to keep lettuce crispy…

I really wanted to get a blog post in today but I also really want to be in bed by 9 so it’s gonna be short and sweet.

A great blog post about exercise from the ever amazing Erin Brown

The surprising way exercise changes you

I agree with all of these. I am struggling with number 1 at the moment, I feel that despite my back problem I should have persevered with the gym, at the moment it very much feels that the first time I hit an obstacle I threw the towel in completely and 6 months later I am soft and sedentary and cursing myself again for it.

I am continually cussing at lettuce which is crisp and fresh one day and slimy and wet the next but thanks to the amazing internet this will happen no more

A recipe for keeping lettuce fresh and crispy

My FIFTH goal for #50daystofit is going to write 3 goals in the morning and 3 thanks at night. I liked the idea of Morning Pages suggested by The Fit Writer in the comments and am putting on my list of things I would like to try but want something faster when I wake up (alarm goes off at 6:30am as it is).

Hope everyone had a fun weekend.


So a little elaboration and some nailing down of #50daystofit for me. This is what the Fit Writer has said:

“We’ve each set five positive habit, lifestyle and routine changes to work on every day from 1st Jan to 19th Feb. They’re mostly training and diet related but are specific goals personal to each one of us (for example, I want to stop sitting up too late every night and instead go to bed earlier and get more good quality sleep)”

I don’t want mine all to be about diet/training so far I have 2 nutrition related so I definitely need a training one and then I have 2 other slots.

The training one will be in 3 parts 1) join the gym 2) go to the gym twice a week 3) run once a week for 30minutes. I’m really hoping this will be a no-brainer once I’m back in the routine.

The fourth will be to write my blog. Not this one, my old work one. I say old because I’m currently on sabbatical from being a PT and am working as a Health Trainer, I am enjoying being a Health Trainer and I have no intention of leaving that for the moment but a) it’s a fixed term contract and b) I want to keep my brain ticking over with PT.

One of the things I wanted to do when personal training  was have a regular blog, 4-5 times a week. I never did as when I decided to write it always turned into a weighty tome (for a blog post!) and took hours as I am not a natural (or concise) writer. Pithy, funny facebook statuses are no problem but I would like to learn the art of turning out a fun, useful, informative blog post in 30mins and this will take (lots of) practice (and probably some failures).  Might be a good idea for me to start with reading this article Easy Ways to generate contact for your business blog !

I used to get bogged down in thinking I had to be original when I posted but to be honest all the information is already out there I’ve just got to learn to put it in a way that my reader enjoys, reads and wants to return to. This is going to be like my own NANOWRIMO (please don’t ask me what that stands for, just a lot of people I know and love use that phrase once a year to mean they are going to write lots every day). I would like to learn to own my opinion and to acknowledge the naysayers without taking it personally or starting to doubt myself.


  1. ½ pint of water everyday
  2. Fruit or Veg for breakfast every morning
  3. Training
    1. join the gym
    2. go to the gym twice a week
    3. run once a week for 30minutes
  4. Blog more on work site (and hopefully here)
  5. WHAT!!!

Still thinking about the 5th. I want it to be something that improves my mental health, something that makes me smile, something that makes me a better person to be around and…wait for it….the 2014/2015 BUZZ WORD…MINDFUL…

I quite like the idea of getting a journal and writing 3 things I want to achieve that day and then at the end of the day writing 3 things I am grateful for that day. A resolution I borrowed from this article Fitness Pros Resolutions  and of course it means I would have to buy a lovely looking journal to write them in. Wonder Woman notebook  (or, and much more likely to happen, I could write them in one of the school exercise books I bought from £1 shop when they did 10 for £1).

Or it could be something like reading a novel for 30minutes a day, which would aid for NYE resolution of reading a book a month (I used to be capable of reading a book a day #sigh)

Or it could be to turn off all electronic devices after 9pm (this would involve me decamping to the bedroom as my husband likes to watch TV until late but again would help with the reading a book a month thing)

Or it could be to practice being kind, which sounds a little odd, but offer to help others more and remember to thank them for their kindnesses, to compliment more (but not about looks), to be better in keeping in touch with old friends who I rarely see. That sort of thing.

Or maybe it could just be to be more decisive…..

January 1st 2015

ooo everyone loves a Jan 1st, resolutions flying around, minds set in determination, this year things will be different, this year will be the year things change instead of revert back to business as usual by the 10th of January. Of course there are also the grumblers insisting that Jan 1st means nothing.

I’m in both camps I know that whilst I continue to talk about healthy living in my day to day job my life at the moment from a fitness and nutrition point of view is far from healthy. I need to do something about my health, I don’t need to do something about this because of an idealised view of what women should look like (however in past years this has been the case) but because I feel like shit and Jan 1st seems as good a place as any to start.

I miss lifting, I miss my nutrition making me feel awake. When you type this the answer seems so simple – if you like lifting and eating healthily then just do it and quit the whinging. Unfortuntely the sofa and the biscuit tin also have a magical lure.

I now can get into about 10% of my clothes so I’m not going to pretend I wouldn’t like to lose a little of the excess from a practical point of view and comfort point of view. I don’t feel comfortable at this weight especially as my clothes don’t fit. Yes I could buy new clothes but as I have several hundreds of pounds of jeans sitting in my wardrobe I would rather not. This I hope will be a side effect of changing my eating habits back to more veg less biscuits and moving more rather than being something that is done by counting calories and it won’t be measured by scales (which I don’t have anyway)

I’m having a dry January, I really enjoyed it last year.

I’m participating in #50daystofit with The Fit Writer, go check out

50 days starting tomorrow

I haven’t yet decided on all 5 of my goals but in there will definitely be drink 1/2 pint of water every morning. (which will be about the level of excitement and glamour of my goals)

The running stopped for a while due to the fact my running partner and I couldn’t find time to do it together and I don’t like running enough to get my lazy butt out by itself. I need to sort a gym out. I need to stop procrastinating just get to the gym and see if picking up weights still makes my back hurt. We are moving next week to a new rented house that is about 5mins walk from a gym, it’s not Bridge Road Barbell but it has weights and (something new to me) a boxing ring! Maybe 2015 will see me trying out a new sport!

I’ve just re-read this post to myself and it sounds a little bleurgh a little down, it’s not meant to be, it’s meant to be a positive step on the road back to self love and self acceptance. I’ve shared this blog post before but I think it very much encapsulates what I am going to be doing.

Focus on Adding not Taking Away

Whether you decide to make some changes in your life or not I wish anyone reading this a healthy happy and love filled 2015.


Edited to add: Just read this new blog post from @fatgirlphd which I think is also a great idea for Jan

The Year of Trying New Things



What’s been going on. a brief version.

So yes I’ve been out of action for a while. REAL life came first (how dare it).

I was (am) working full time, it was the school holidays and all the juggling of childcare that that entails (we are lucky having 2 sets of involved and supportive grandparents), my back problem (prolapsed disc) was(are) still causing problems, we moved house but still have the old one as the sale fell apart, children were moving schools.


Actually that’s not true, there is always time. That Wednesday night at 8pm when I collapsed in front of the TV I could have been out for a cycle, that 8:30 Sunday morning when I was having a lie-in I could have got up and gone for a swim. There is always times but there are always other priorities and yes a lie-in and TV time can be priorities.

When people say “I have no time to exercise” they usually mean the time I could be exercising I spend doing something else but that’s going to sound crap so I’m just going to say I have no time.

And you know what? That’s ok. It’s ok not to exercise sometimes. To be fair you’re all adults capable of making your own decisions so if you don’t want to exercise EVER then tbh that’s ok as well. I find it hard to understand because of the benefits I see to my life when I do exercise but then I find it hard to understand people who like Bloody Marys cos tomato juice and celery are in my top 10 foods I will NEVER like and NEVER agree to have in my house. Me not understanding isn’t a judgement on people who don’t exercise but a shrug of the shoulders and a well it’s your life acceptance.

Anyway back to ME.

Life is settling down, a routine is established, my back pain has reduced and my thoughts have turned back to exercise. Hence the blog post last Saturday. In the UK there has been established a weekly run at local parks called Park Run. It’s brilliant, organised by local people and free you can do a weekly specially measure 5K in a local park. It’s been going for a while now but of course I’m usually all about the weights and running 5K didn’t seem such a great idea unless I was being chased by a Zombie (the only thing slower than me over a 5K probably). However what I do need is goals and kick up the butts so I’ve roped a friend to come running with me once a week and I’m going to do the park run every 2 weeks. My aim at the moment is to schedule in 30mins of exercise 3 times a week. Which sounds puny but I’m starting from scratch again, I can’t lift still (running/cycling doesn’t seem to aggravate my back but throwing children around in the pool does so I’m guessing heavy weights are still out). Also whilst the mention of SMART goals makes me groan being realistic is a really important factor in achieving something and not being realistic is a huge part of why people can give up too soon (anyone else said RIGHT! I’m going to go running EVERYDAY and if I don’t then I’ve FAILED!)

So that’s what’s going on and that’s how I’m trying to go forward at the moment.

Some blogs I have liked this week.

Agree with every single word of this

What about the belly?

When you can’t lift?

Chichester parkrun results for event #15. Your time was 00:34:27.
Congratulations on completing your 1st parkrun and your 1st at Chichester parkrun today. You finished in 92nd place and were the 33rd female out of a field of 112 parkrunners and you came 8th in your age category VW35-39. Well done on your first run. We have set this as your PB.
You achieved an age-graded score of 44.12%.


Life is busy, I’ve got a new job, we are trying to sell our house and find a new one, we need to find a new school and pre-school for the kids in September. Life is busy. However sadly I can’t add the gym into the busy list at the moment. I am having problems with my back, standing, sitting or walking for long periods of time leave me wanting to find a dark corner to cry in with my lower back seized up and shooting pains down both legs. It’s been developing for a few months now but it’s only in the last few weeks that it’s impacting my day to day life. I am going to get a GP appointment this week in the hope that they maybe able to refer me to someone who knows what may be going on. The last month or so I’ve been grinning and saying “well it hurts if I train and it hurts if I don’t, so I might as well train” but actually that’s just stupid. Definitely until I see the Dr I will be swimming only, as you can imagine that decision makes me want to cry as well.

If you read the Rebecca Holman wrote in the Telegraph about how she hates exercising and the cost and wanted to scream then this is the blog post for you  Warning: this post is about women and fitness but it includes swearing .  As you can imagine my take on it is start exercising for yourself, use your old t-shirts to exercise in  and find your nearest Sports Direct.

Hope you are all well out there.


You need to read this blog post.


If you were wondering if this sudden flurry of blog posts is anything to do with procrastinating over other issues you’d be right. However. HOWEVER.  This blog post is SO perfect I just wanted to post it here so NOBODY misses it.

Why our fat loss obsession is ruining our health

Also have a photo of my beautiful daughter doing the exercise she loves – playing on the trampoline

Jumping with joy...

Jumping with joy…


Have a good day everyone.

Make up


I’ve been meaning to ask, all of you who took part in no makeup selfie has it changed your make-up application routine? I didn’t formally take part because I would say 50% of the time I don’t wear make-up anyway and the time that I do all I wore is eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara and blusher. However after all the amazingly lovely photos of women looking like well, women without makeup I decided to cut down even further. Now all I wear is mascara and blusher and it’s amazing how quickly I’ve got used to seeing my face in the mirror and how weird I now think make-up on other people looks. Does that sound judgemental? I don’t mean it to sound judgemental it’s just how I now think about make-up. I am sure there are things I do that other people think are weird. Like not wear make-up.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is – Have you changed your make-up routine since the no-makeup selfie hashtag?



Come and join in if you think it looks fun….

Life is busy. We are moving. I’m trying to get a (more secure) job. I’m training but wimping out of competing (I am loving going to watch however). As the summer is coming near I am getting more and more wound up by the “Get a SUMMER BODY!” and “Bikini body IN JUST 6 WEEKS” which appear to be everywhere at the moment.

I know posting training vids isn’t quite as exciting as my beautifully written prose but it fills a hole and also HOW AWESOME AND BADASS DOES TYRE FLIPPING LOOK?

I had the pleasure and privilege to watch the England’s strong women championship Qualifier London and Northern counties competition yesterday here were the events

Event 1 : Log press
U63 : 35kg
U75 : 45kg
O : 55kg

Event 2 : Deadlift
U63 : 100kg
U75 : 110kg
O : 120kg

Event 3 : arm over arm and drag back
U63 : 50kg
U75 : 60kg
O : 70kg

Event 4 : farmers walk 15m drop 15m
U63 : 50kg
U75 ; 60kg
O : 70kg

Event 5: medley
4 objects loaded onto platform
Items to be confirmed
U63 : 20kg – 40kg
U75 : 30kg – 50kg
O : 40kg – 60kg

and here are the awesome women who participated.


Awesome Strongwoman

Awesome Strongwoman

If it’s something that you think you would like a go at head over to my Comp page and see if there is anything near you, the South is awash with competitions this year, catering to all sorts of levels and it’s definitely a more the merrier atmosphere with a supportive and friendly bunch of girls.

if I eat all the popcorn it will make me fat….

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for over a week now because I didn’t really know what to write about it. I still don’t. …

Once a week I pick my 3 year old daughter up from pre-school and take her straight to gymnastics. Her pre-school finishes at 12:15 and her gymnastics starts at 12:35 so I make her a packed lunch to eat in the car. This week the packed lunch had popcorn in it, I thought we were going to go to the cinema last weekend and so I had bought a bag of supermarket popcorn to take with us. We then didn’t go. E loves popcorn and she tends not to love packed lunches so I thought it would be a good way of insuring she ate something before gymnastics. Whilst we were driving along with my daughter eating the popcorn she turned to me and said “if I eat all the popcorn it will make me fat”. She is 3. I was genuinely speechless and not in a good way. I didn’t know what to say and I can’t remember what I did say. I do remember it made me want to cry.

I’ve had issues with food since I was 10. One of my top priorities is making sure my children never, ever have those issues. But I don’t know how.  I try and teach everything in moderation to my children. They are allowed ice-cream and sweets and crisps. They also eat a lot of fruit and veg. I try not to use food as a bribe or a reward (which is REALLY difficult and I struggle with I admit as it’s an easy road to take).   I try and never denigrate my body in front of them.

E giggled after she had said the word, which indicates she is not really sure of what she is saying but she has obviously got this from somewhere and I didn’t know how to respond. I still don’t.

Any comments/advice?